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2022-09-23 19:09:31 By : Admin

The all-new seventh-generation 2024 Ford Mustang is generating buzz all over the place. Externally it’s an (edgier) evolution of the outgoing car but in the cabin, it’s a whole different story. Now, we’re finding out that instead of a continuous glass panel display, the base car will feature two separate, and somewhat less attractive, panels. Don’t worry, it’ll still come with the new Fox Body digital gauge cluster.

Mustang fans everywhere have been desirous of an interior upgrade for some time. Since the current generation’s introduction in 2015, technology has moved on from what the Mustang provided. Ford addressed that with its presentation on the 7th generation pony car by showing off a large single-panel display.

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Ford has now confirmed that the base Mustang will instead have two large rectangular displays instead of a single larger one, much like in the Mach-E, through one of the many renders it shared during the presentation of the car.

Of course, in the Mach-E, the central infotainment screen is vertically-oriented and much further from the driver information display. Here, it seems as though Ford wants them to still look almost as though they’re one panel to the driver. The steering wheel itself could very well block the gap between the screens from that perspective.

Roll Like It’s The 1980s With Fox-Body Mustang Digital Cluster Mode

What it won’t block is the Fox Body gauge cluster mode which turns back the dial to look like it’s directly out of one of those famous Mustangs. Not only are the digital gauges a near-perfect match to the original Fox body cluster, but when it gets dark outside the dials feature a green backlight like in the original model.

Just like in the squared-off Fox body Mustang, the digital gauge cluster uses round dials housed in a square cluster. Not only is that fitting because of its heritage but the screen itself is similarly shaped. Ford says that it didn’t have time to add other previous Mustang gauge clusters but we wouldn’t be surprised to see updates incorporate them in the future.

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